Motorcycle Muffler Shorty Reverse Cone, BLACK


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BLACK. Short 17" motorcycle muffler with tapered end cap.

Straight through perforated tube wrapped in fibreglass packing with a flat plate 3/4 of the way along the perforated tube. The end cone is removable giving access to the baffle. Full reducer set and hardware included. It is a universal application and the motorcycle muffler fits left or right side of the bike.

Internal Diameter is 45mm - Suit 45mm (1.75") pipe diameter. 
Includes set of 3 reducer adaptors to fit pipe diameters of 35mm (1-3/8"), 38mm (1-1/2"), and 41mm (1-5/8"). 
Length is 435mm. 
Diameter at widest point 96mm.

The Mount bracket is in a sliding channel that starts 17cm from the header inlet end and is 11.5cm long. 
The included flat chromed steel hanger bracket and swivels on the bolt so there is a wide range of adjustment.