The Bullitt is a helmet rooted in a storied past, inspired by the legendary Bell STAR helmet's of the 60's and70's, paying homage to the glory days of motorsport, but now infused with contemporary modern comforts and crash protection.

The inherent beauty in the Bullitt's simplicity has made it an effective and aesthetically appealing piece of motorcycling gear which will continue to serve you through the test of time. The low-profile fibre composite shell. multi-density EPS liner, luxurious micro-suede lining with leather trim, metal mesh circular intake vents, rear exhaust vents and 3D cut cheek pads with speaker pockets compliment the retro styling while meeting modern safety standards.

Our understanding is it is the smallest chin strap and largest opening on the market, and when you wear the Bullitt you appreciate the design. If you want the feel of an open face helmet while having the protection of a full face, this is the one for you. The helmet comes with a flat shield, however we team it up with the optional bubble shield for added vintage style, and when you wear the bubble, it feels even roomier.

We find the Bullitt can run a bit smaller than normal, or be slightly more snug around the forehead depending on your head shape, however no need to worry about the cheek pads giving you a good squeeze, the comfort in design of this helmet surpasses that of any other we have worn. The only other compromise you have to make when choosing the Bullitt is the lack of some features which you will find in other, possibly cheaper, helmets like internal visors and anti-noise and fog. You will hear more wind noise, this helmet is more simplistic. It can fog up with less ventilation than other helmets. But in a world where it seems in every other aspect of life more means better, we like taking it down a notch, smelling the air, feeling the breeze, living in the moment.

We also stand by our opinion that you don't have to compromise safety for styling. In our opinion, the Bullitt is in a class by itself.

5 stars.