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Limited Edition 100% x Deus 16 Barstow Goggle

When the founding fathers of offroad motorbiking raced the desert from Barstow to Vegas, they had no idea what it would be like to enjoy a triple-layer-foamed, solidly-strapped, anti-fogged-lensed set of goggles, made of lightweight modern materials and featuring a near-panoramic wide field of view.

But those are today’s most advanced standards of comfort and safety, so that’s what you’ll find in 100%'s Barstow goggle, all packaged within a vintage-inspired design aesthetic.

The Barstow goggle gains inspiration from the days of air-cooled bikes and 45-minute motos when winning a race meant giving it everything you had. This classic vision was then fused with modern styling and technology resulting in a timeless look with next level performance. 100%. The Spirit of Racing.

Premium Goggle Features:

- White frame with red pinstripes
- Anti-Fog lens "smoke" (tinted)
- Triple-layer foam face pad
- Large comfortable field of view & good ventilation
- Broad gummed strap in red, white & blue with DEUS logo

The 100% brand has always been synonymous with motocross Americana and has been linked to many iconic moments that have built the roots and history of what is modern motocross.

The roots of the 100% brand date back to the early 1980s when the popular logo graced the factory racing equipment of the biggest names in motocross.

Thirty years later the passion for the spirit of racing remains.

Today, 100% is about to inspire a whole new generation of racers and ask them the original tag line: "How much effort do you give??"

Whether it's a championship on the line or everyday life: "If you aren't giving it 100% you will regret it."

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